Write for Us

Do you have a passion for writing? Are you looking to gain exposure as a writer? We’re looking for guest authors for our site.

The biggest requirement, first and foremost, is the article must be absolutely unique AND must not be used on any other website. We’re looking for 100% original content from our guest authors.

Quality Requirements
To ensure consistent quality across posts, make sure your articles adhere to the following requirements:
– Between 700-1500 words
– Keep slang and vernacular to a minimum (If you do use it, make sure it’s understandable so the reader doesn’t have to look the term up.)
– The article should use subheadings and bullet lists (When appropriate) to make a paragraph easier to read
– A relevant, watermark-free image must be submitted for a feature article image, to grab the reader’s attention (Be sure to give proper credit for it)

Additional Requirements
– A maximum of 3 links (No affiliate links) are allowed in each article
– No duplicate posts to other blogs (Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, are allowed)
– Authors are allowed to link to any source of their choice in their bio (Must be G-PG13)
– No SEO links. Keywords are fine, but the article needs to be genuine and high quality above all else
– Linking to your own content is allowed, if it is relevant
– A final edit will be discussed and done by the blog staff (Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes)

If you’d like to have your articles published on our site, then we can’t wait to hear from you!