Senco PC1010 Review

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Senco-PC1010-Air-CompressorThe Senco PC1010 is a lightweight, portable, hand carry air compressor. The small, compact, lightweight model makes it perfect for small work spaces. Weighing at only twenty pounds it is very easy to move from place to place. It also has a quiet motor due to its compact size. All of this makes it a good compressor for lightweight tools for things like trim work and hobbies. It runs at around twenty to forty four drives per minute, depending on the tool being used. The pressure is also sufficient for things such as trim work, but not for something like drywall.

Senco PC1010 Features and Specifications

  • Hand carry-ultra quiet and lightweight
  • Comfortable cushioned handle grip
  • 1/2-Horsepower 1-Gallon capacity
  • Aluminum cylinder
  • 1.0 gallon of air capacity
  • Oil-less

Senco PC1010 Reviews

This is a great secondary air compressor. It is not good for use as a primary air compressor because it cannot handle most nailers. However, a trim nailer works very nicely with this machine, giving at least ten shots before the motor kicks in. A framing nailer will only get about three shots before the tank is empty, but if you only have a few nails to pound in it can be well worth carrying the smaller machine. Overall the compressor does what it is supposed to do. It handles small jobs and smaller pneumatic tools, and is much easier to haul around than most air compressors.

Many experts don’t recommend this air compressor for most serious contractors. It cannot handle the volume or tools necessary to complete most jobs. If you have a smaller job it is great, but for anything over about fifteen or twenty nails it will frustrate you to no end. You will find yourself sitting around waiting for the tank to refill, as well as hammering in the nails that don’t go in all the way due to a loss of compression in the tank as it empties. Users recommend purchasing the Senco PC1010 for small jobs, do it yourselfers, and hobbyists as the lightweight design makes it perfect for these odd jobs.

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