Safety Tips in Using Air Compressors

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The number one concern of any working environment is safety. This is true regardless if you are just working at an office or you are doing heavy jobs at the construction site or in a factory setting. When you are operating a high-powered machinery such as an air compressor, it is advised that you take some safety precautions as even the smallest act of mishandling can cause the damage to the machine and may even inflict harm on the people working near it. Because of this, it is important for the people who will operate the equipment to read the guidebook so they can fully understand how to properly handle, activate and operate the equipment.

In addition to the measures stated in the guidebook, there are also other some more concise and shorter safety measures that you can follow to uphold the general safety standards in the worksite. Here are some of the tips you need to know:

  • Add the oil at the right timeIn the event that you have to change or add oil, it is recommended that you turn the equipment off first before you add or change the oil. Never ever add or change oil while the compressor is still running or it was just recently used. When you add or change oil while the equipment is running, there is a high tendency that it would lead to fire which can be disastrous in the work place.
  • Make sure that the pneumatic tool is connected to the source of airEnsure that all parts of the compressor are properly connected to it. In the event that there is a part that is connected weakly to the main equipment or an accessory is loosely fitted to the air compressor, it can be a nuisance to the performance of the tool. More than that, it can be cause harm or injury to the person operating it.
  • Avoid aiming the hose to other people or animals

The pressure produced by the compressor is quite powerful and it can be extremely hazardous when pointing a jet of air to other people. In addition to that, you should also avoid putting compressed air against the skin as there is a big tendency that you will inject yourself with compressed air which can cause serious health problems and even, death.

  • Do not turn on the air compressor while the motor guard is still removed

This is most especially true if you will operate the air compressor for a prolonged period of time. Keep in mind that the air compressor tends to get very hot while in use. The function of the motor guard is to protect people from the heat that emanates from the equipment. Removing the motor guard while the air compressor is in operation will increase your chances of being burnt when you go near the motor.

  • Never adjust or tamper the safety valvesThe maximum pressure setting that the air compressor can operate on is already factory set and it is for good reasons. When you go tamper with safety valves and you go beyond the maximum pressure setting when operating your compressor, it will lead to injuries. The maximum pressure setting is clearly marked on the air compressor so try to stick within the said limits.
  • Avoid performing maintenance on metal parts while in use or a few hours after use.The metal parts of the air compressor can become hot when the machine is in operation. With this in mind, it is advised that you avoid touching or performing any maintenance on them while these parts are still hot. Allow the parts to cool down first so you can avoid burns and other injuries.
  • Take precaution in transporting the air compressor.When transporting the air compressor, be careful and try to take some precautionary measures to avoid it from tipping over. When the equipment tips over, it can cause injury to the person transporting it, damage to the unit and it will also cause the compressor oil to spill.

No matter what type, size or brand of air compressor you use, you must follow the safety tips mentioned above. This will help you to protect yourself from possible injuries or health hazards brought about by the use of an air compressor.

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