Ingersoll Rand SS5L5 Review

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Ingersoll-Rand-SS5L5-Air-CompressorIngersoll Rand SS5L5 Air Compressor is a big daddy in the compressor game. Ingersoll Rand’s name is synonymous with quality and that doesn’t change with this five horsepower single-stage electric driven vertical compressor. Its cast-iron construction and maximum air flow allows the serious contractor, mechanic or avid do-it-yourselfer to get the work done quickly the first time. The Ingersoll Rand SS5L5 is a perfect fit for permanent storage in a workshop, garage or job trailer. With 100% continuous cycle, you’ll never run out of the air, even when running multiple nailers, guns or any other air driven tool.

Ingersoll Rand SS5L5 Air Compressor Features and Specifications

  • Durable cast-iron cylinders, heads, and frame – designed for continuous operation and extended pump life
  • Oversized belt wheel – reliable design and cooler operation
  • Ingersoll Rand synthetic lubricant – provides 2,000-hour oil change intervals(four times longer than mineral-based lubricants)
  • Manual thermal overload protection of the motor
  • High-efficiency stainless steel finger valves are simple, efficient, and easy to maintain

Ingersoll Rand SS5L5 Air Compressor Reviews

There are several strong features of this popular compressor that make it a worthwhile purchase. More power and production come from a strong 5 HP single-phase motor. Cast-iron cylinders, heads, and frame give longer pump life during continuous use. When compared to similar products, you will have lower maintenance time with the SS5L5. The tanks are quick filling. The unit is safe for use in enclosed areas. Handily, the electric motor plugs into any outlet. Finally, the SS5 comes with a one year warranty.
The reviews regarding the Ingersoll Rand SS5L5 scored nearly a perfect five star rating on with only one negative review. Most reviews felt that the model was a fantastic buy at an awesome price. Many people also felt the SS5L5 was extremely quick and they enjoyed the quiet operation of the unit. Reliability of the Rand is strongly praised. The only negative review about the operation of the SS5L5 reported that there was some trouble with the pump’s valve sticking. One other negative comment was not about the compressor, but that customer felt Ingersoll Rand’s customer service was a bit weak. Although the Ingersoll Rand SS5L5 is more expensive than other compressors, it overall is well worth the money you spend.

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