How To Protect Air Compressor Tank From Rust

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We all know that rust is the most common cause of deterioration of different types of air compressor. This is most especially true with the use of an air compressor. If you wish to prolong the life of your air compressor, you should focus on protecting your air compressor tank from developing rust. To do this, you must first determine and discover how rust is formed inside the tank. After using the compressor, the air inside the tank creates moisture inside it. As a result, water is stored in the tank. When water is in contact with the material of the tank for a long period of time, rust will develop. That is why the best way to protect the air compressor tank from rust is to properly drain water from the tank.

How To Properly Drain Water From Compressor Tank

Drain Water From Compressor Tank

All air compressor tanks feature a drain valve since it is necessary for the tank to be drained on a regular basis. Generally, the drain valve is located at the lowest portion of the tank when the compressor is in its original position. With this in mind, you should avoid changing the position of the compressor tank when draining it as it is already in a position that allows optimal tank draining. Avoid turning the compressor tank on its side. In addition to that, here are some other tips to keep in mind

  • Open valves all the way.When you are draining the compressor tank, do not forget to open the drain valves all the way. There are some people who will just open the drain valves a bit. When you do this, you will hear the air escaping from the tank and because of this, you will think that the tank has already been completely drained. When in reality, the water and the debris found in the bottom of the tank got in the way of the drain, preventing the water to completely drain from the tank. To prevent this, you must make sure that the valves are fully opened.
  • Keep drain valves open.Once the water has been completely drained from the tank, do not close the valves just yet. Instead, leave it open until the time comes that you have to use the air compressor again. When you leave the valves open, you are allowing air to enter inside the tank and the air will aid in completely drying the tank out.

When To Drain Your Compressor TankMany air compressor owners have no idea when they should drain their compressor tank to prevent it from rusting. As a rule of thumb, it is best that you drain the tank after every use. Every time you use the air compressor, it compresses air and water is collected inside the tank. If you will not remove or completely drain the water from the tank right away, the tank will start rusting from the inside. This is true regardless of what type of material or coating the compressor tank has. That is why you must make sure that no water stays inside the tank for hours. Drain the tank after every use so that you can slow down the formation of rust.

In order to properly maintain your air compressor tank and its performance, you need to have the right knowledge. Keep in mind the tips and advice mentioned above to keep rust off your air compressor tank.

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